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Text editing


Are you a professional who has to write on a daily basis or have you produced your first piece of writing? Kemeling language training and editing can help you improve your text, keeping in mind comprehensibility and the particular writing style and jargon of your organisation and field.


Error correction, editing or advice?

If you are mainly interested in identifying and correcting language errors in your text; error correction is your best option.


Editing is a good option if you are also interested in logical sentence structures and paragraphs that will help you get a coherent message across to your readers.


Text advice works in pretty much the same way as text editing with the most important difference being that I do not make any changes to your original text. Instead I give writing tips and make recommendations for improvements, which you can then implement on your own.


How it all works

You send me the text you want me to look over. I then get in touch to discuss your particular requirements and how I can be of service. I draw up and send you a summary of your project and an offer. I start working on your project as soon as you agree to the terms, course duration and costs as laid out in the offer.

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