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Language training


Are you looking for answers to your language questions, either for yourself, a colleague or a group of colleagues?


What options are available?

There are several options available to you:

I provide both group and individual training for everyone at any level.


Training is generally provided within your organisation and training content is based on the specific needs of participants to help them better function in their jobs. During the course there is also lots of opportunity to practice with the language.


How it all works

Please do not hesitate to email or call with queries.

Alternatively, I am available to drop by your place of business to discuss the most effective training option for your organisation. Points to consider include: the course participants and their education background, the purpose of using Dutch within your organisation and whether it involves individuals or groups.


After the initial needs analysis, I will draw up an offer, which includes the course plan as well as the costs for training. The preliminary meeting and offer are complimentary.

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