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Language plays an essential role in business. It is at the core of considering new business strategies, carrying out research and even making phone calls and sending emails and text messages. Language, be it spoken or written, is at the core of it all.


Business communication is often written, which is why a substantial amount of enterprises find it rewarding to invest in the quality of their staffs’ writing skills. Personnel who are able to write professionally may safeguard higher customer satisfaction and may thus have higher success rates.


Think it’s time to invest in language? Look no further!

Time to invest

in your language 


Language training


Do you write a lot and are you interested in writing more efficiently? Are you interested in adopting a more contemporary writing style in order to connect with your audience? Or do you simply want to rid yourself of doubt over certain language issues?


For all of these language related questions, Kemeling Language training and editing offers a suitable course for you, your staff and your colleagues.


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Text editing


Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience and make sure that your text has the intended effect?


Kemeling Language training and editing can ensure that your writing is free of spelling errors and is clear and easy to read.  


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Exam training NT2


Is Dutch not your first language and have you decided to take the Dutch NT2 exam? You’ve come to the right place!



Kemeling Language training and text editing can help you increase your changes at success.


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